After Sarah helped her defeat one of her enemies, Tina decided to take her friend out to celebrate.

A couple hours and many drinks later, Tina pulls out one of her special guns with the intention of giving it to Sarah as a gift commemorating their difficult battle. However, while going over the device's many settings and safety features, Tina accidentally pulled the trigger. The settings at that time had the target being shrunk to half their normal size. Much to Tina's surprise, she also forgot to turn on the "full body coverage" feature, so Sarah's breasts didn't shrunk with her.

Between Sarah's reaction of surprise at her now exposed breasts (easily in the DD range for a normal-sized woman), her lack of anger towards Tina (to the point that Tina later wondered if Sarah's secretly loved her new physique), and TIna's own tipsiness, there was only one thing Tina could say:


Story by JoeBlue
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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