Lily Banes is a new anthropology student. She’s starting in a new town, a new university, and doesn't know anybody yet.

About two weeks ago, while she was studying in the park, a weird noise coming from a nearby bush caught her attention. When she tried to move the leaves away to see what was going on, she felt a strong bite on her finger. Before she even had a chance to flinch, she saw a bug fly away in a flash of light. While she tried to not think about it, the bite was still painful even two weeks later.

That's when things started to get weird for Lily.

First, all of her clothing felt odd, as if they had suddenly become one or two sizes bigger than what they used to be. At first she thought that she was simply losing weight, but she wasn't so sure once her shoes started to feel the same way.

She was also becoming more and more timid and shy around people, preferring to stay in her corner. She started to almost feel frightened by the idea of being seen by other humans. She felt strangely vulnerable around them, like a little animal surrounded by predators.

One night, as the full moon was rising high in the sky, she woke up in pain. Her back was inhumanely sore, as if her shoulder blades were being torn apart. Sitting on her bed, she discovered that her pyjamas were suddenly too big for her. In fact, they now looked enormous on her body. Big enough to let her growing wings pass through her outfit's neck hole.

Terrified by the appearance of said wings, it took Lily longer than you'd expect to notice that her skin was starting to glow. A sharp pain on the side of her head forced her to press her hand against one of her ears, leaving her surprised to find them reshaped with elf-like points.

As her figure continued to dwindle, disappearing further into the sea of fabric that once served as her pyjamas, a surprising thought ran through her head:

"Whatever this is, I hope it wears off before my next exam!"

Story by Tfancred
Artwork by Altercomics-Melek

High resolution (2129x3200)

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