Weight Lost... Right?

Amy was, by anyone else's standards, an amazing looking woman. Unfortunately, she could never see this herself. Her amazonian height and perfect hourglass figure had outgrown all of her favorite outfits, which she saw as her merely putting on more weight.

Looking online, she found a shop that seemed to specialize in helping people change whatever they want quickly. However, Amy skipped some of the warnings buried among the product reviews...

Once her bottle of pills arrived in the mail, Amy didn't hesitate. She skipped reading the instructions once she spotted the words "immediate effects". She didn't even notice that the bottle's label was for "Mass Loss Pills" rather than the "Weight Loss Pills" she'd seen on the site.

She pouted as she tried on her old outfits. It didn't look like anything had changed... until everything changed almost instantly!

After the initial shock, Amy completely forgot about her wardrobe and started to think about all of the fun she could have with her new look.

Story by Bob
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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