Wall of White

Sabrina is playing a game while waiting for a close friend to arrive. Sabrina is a thick, slightly overweight woman at 165.1cm tall. A black T-shirt strains against her massive G-cup breasts. Sabrina hears a knock at her apartment door. Standing up from her computer chair, she begins her walk to the door with socks on her feet and a plain black circle skirt flowing with her. Calling out, "I'll be right there!" she brushes her raven black hair back behind her shoulders.

Sabrina opens the door and lets in Brittany. The 177.8cm-tall brunette walks in. Brittany is thin, almost to the point of underweight. She still fits nicely into her white camisole that comes down to her jeans. Sabrina eyes Brittany's C-cup breasts with a little envy as Brittany takes off her shoes.

"So what's up Sabrina? You still having doubts about your boyfriend?"

"No, I'm working through my trust issues. Please have a seat."

Brittany takes a seat. "So you going to tell me why you called me over so urgently?"

"There is something I need you to see. Though you may find it difficult."

A number of moments pass. "You going to show me?"

Without warning Sabrina lifts her skirt. Revealing her pure white French-cut panties. Brittany just sits in shock for a long moment, then quickly turns her head away, causing one of her spaghetti straps to fall from her shoulder.

"Jeez Sabrina! Put down your skirt."

"Just needed you to see my panties. Now it is to late for you."

Brittany looks back and away again. Her other strap slips off. Now she tries to keep both straps from sliding off. "What are you talking about too late?" Standing up, Brittany walks up to Sabrina only for her jeans to start going to her thighs. "What the hell!" Holding up her clothes, she walks up to Sabrina. Only now she is looking her right in the eyes. "What's happening?"

"You are shrinking, Brittany. I have the power to shrink anyone who sees or touches my panties. And I'm shrinking you." Sabrina then pushes Brittany down. On the floor she shrinks again.

Brittany closes her eyes. "Stop shrinking me! Why are you doing this to me?"

"Don't give me that. You know I was having doubts about if my boyfriend really cares for me. Thinking he only wanted me for my boobs. Knowing all that, you try to steal him from me. I know you did because he told me. He was so distraught, more so than me. So I decided to punish you."

"You're right, I did try and I'm sorry. I thought you were going to break up."

"I would have believed before. However, I did my research. You have a habit for stealing boyfriends. Then using them and throwing them to the curb. And I don't think you are small enough."

"I'm not going to let you shrink me more. So all I have to do is keep my eyes closed."

"Then you didn't listen very well. I can still shrink you even with your eyes closed. You just had to see my panties once."

A look of fear comes over Brittany's face. She stands and tries to run only to trip as her shoes come off. Getting back up she tries to push Sabrina back, her hand hitting her boob. She keeps getting smaller each second. At this time, her camisole falls off along with her jeans. She has no bra under her camisole and her black thong is the last to fall. As her head passes below Sabrina's waist she looks up to plead with Sabrina.

Continuing to shrink, she says, "Please stop. I'm small enough. Please stop." She cries out.

"No." Brittany stumbles backward. Then Sabrina removes her skirt. Watching Brittany dwindle away faster and faster. Then Brittany tries to run again. "You are much too small to run now, little girl."

Sabrina quickly catches the tiny Brittany. She is only up to Sabrina's shins. She picks up the little lady and holds her like a child. Holding Brittany to her breasts now bigger than Brittany's head. Sabrina takes Brittany back to her computer chair and sits down. She opens her legs and stand the diminishing Brittany between them.

"I'm so small now. I'm begging you, please stop this and make me big again."

"You will grow back on your own. So long as you are not in close proximity to my panties. But you are not small enough yet."

"No, please, no more. Please Sabrina, I'm sorry. I'll never do this again."

"Not a chance Brittany. You're going to be so much smaller. It will be a whole new world for you."

Brittany still shrinking tries to kick Sabrina to no avail. There is nothing she can do now. Soon her head drops below the waistband of Sabrina's panties. There are no signs of stopping. Sabrina's humongous thighs shifting around her. When finally the shrinking stops. Everything around her is incomprehensibly enormous. Brittany looks up towards the top of Sabrina's panties now many times taller than she is.

"Well Brittany, I lost you beneath my breasts. But you should be six millimeters tall. Now if I was you I would get on my panties. Otherwise, I could just shrink you smaller and lose you on my chair."

Brittany climbs up and is able to hold onto the threads and stand on the seam at the bottom of Sabrina's panties. It is not long before Sabrina gets up from the chair. Brittany clings on tightly as Sabrina walks. Soon Sabrina slips off her panties with Brittany holding on. Then is put down in a plastic hamster cage. Sabrina smooth out her panties to get a clear view of Brittany.

"Enjoy your minuscule life on my panties. I'll be sure to bring by all the ladies whose boyfriends you stole, so they know you got what you deserve."

Brittany yells back, demanding to be grown back.

"Sorry I can't hear you, my panty pet. Goodbye Brittany." Sabrina let's out a giggle and walks away.

Story by TieAvenger
Artwork by Mad Max Duarte

High resolution (2560x3619)

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