Vault 1/100

Nate and Piper were looking into rumors of a Vault hidden within the subway system near the CIT ruins. The vault's name was apparently Vault 1/100, which seemed highly unusual. Nonetheless, they had found the Vault entrance and processing center, which confirmed its existence.

When they passed through what they thought was a decontamination chamber, it trapped them inside and sprayed them with a strange gas. When the fog cleared, Nate had been transformed into a woman! Piper had also changed, though the changes were more subtle: her breasts had grown larger and her body was curvier than it had ever been. When Nate hacked the admissions terminal, it confirmed that it had been a "Feminization Chamber" and that all residents of the vault had been feminized. There were no males admitted to the vault, for some reason. Nate hoped that he would be able to reverse the process on the way out but was otherwise unfazed.

Then they entered the elevator to the vault and pressed the "down" button. As the doors closed, they were surprised to see the rear panel of the elevator slide to the side, revealing what appeared to be a series of shelves behind at least an inch of bulletproof glass! On the shelves, there were partitions that looked like rooms, with vault furnishings and even what appeared to be tiny, naked residents.

A PA system then announced, "Commencing reduction process. Please remain still." Then, the Geiger counter on Nate's pip-boy spiked as radiation flooded the room. Shortly thereafter, Nate and Piper began to shrink out of their clothes! Piper scowled and began banging on the glass, demanding that they stop.

The PA announced, "Please cease this. The glass is reinforced and will not yield, even if you use your weapons. If you persist, you will be detained once you have finished shrinking."

Piper gave up once she became too small for her clothes and sank into them. Nate quickly shrank too small to do anything either.

They both stopped shrinking after about a minute, and the PA announced, "Subjects have been reduced to 1/100th scale. Security team, prepare for retrieval." Nate and Piper struggled to escape their cavernous, discarded clothes and scrambled nude down onto the floor of the chamber.

A tiny door opened up at the base of the vault, and three nude vault security guards, all female, emerged. They all had tattoos on their bellies that said, "Vault 1/100, Security." Despite being naked, they were armed with what appeared to be electrified security batons.

The guard in front spoke, saying, "Come along ladies, the Overseer would like a word with you. If you resist, we are prepared to subdue you and give you another round of shrinkage."

Nate realized that they had no real chance to overpower the guards, so he motioned to Piper to comply. They were then led into the depths of the vault.

Story by promethicon
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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