Urbosa's Little Night

Urbosa always thought that Zelda had a lot of things on her plate; Being royalty while also having a hard time unlocking her power to seal Ganon... She could see that Zelda was always stressed, and so one night she took her to her quarters to help her relax.

After drinking what might have been the 10th glass of Gerudian Wine, Urbosa expressed her love for Zelda, to which she did the same. What followed was one of the most intense love sessions both of them had ever had.

Exhausted, they both decided to sleep together, cuddling in Urbosa's room. While looking at the already sleeping Zelda, Urbosa prayed to the goddess above to shrink Zelda's burdens; to bring everything down to a scale she wouldn't have to deal with them. She would get her wish... but not in the way she would think...

Story by pollie09
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6263)

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