Until She's Nothing

She went by the pseudonym "TinyGirl99". She was a very popular camgirl. Her big claim to fame was her absurdly petite body. At barely over 4 feet tall she was one of the smallest girls on the web. She liked to play up her submissiveness and masochism for her audience... and for herself. TinyGirl99 was a true masochist. She loved being weak and submissive and often invited other fangirls over to dominate her. She even went as far as to staging a breaking and entering live on cam, a stunt that gained quite a hit of media attention and gained her MANY new viewers. Enough viewers where she could finally afford her dream: a shrinking serum.

She drowned the whole bottle live on camera, explaining that she had just took 100 times the recommended dosage for a girl of 5' tall. She instantly felt herself getting soaked as the reality of her actions settled in. She would probably keep shrinking forever, she thought to herself. She started masturbating right on camera as she started shrinking smaller and smaller. It felt incredible! The rush she got knowing how small and pathetic she was drove her insane with lust. The speed of her descent ever increasing, she climbed onto the desk and aimed the webcam downwards so that it could watch her as she dwindled smaller and smaller. Eventually she was completely invisible to the naked eye.

The camera continued to run for weeks before a friend went to check on TinyGirl99. She searched the desk with a magnifying glass for ages, but found nothing. No trace of the tiny camgirl remained. She truly had shrunk until she'd become nothing...

Story by Raso
Artwork by StudioArieta-Yuan

High resolution (2480x3508)

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