Unclear Instructions

"Sooooo..... you want to be hotter?"

"No, curvier! I have seen enough movies to know that genies always mess with the protagonist in weird unforeseen ways! for all I know, you will just set me on fire!" said Terri.

Earlier that day, she had found a nice lamp she saw at the flea market and was going to use it as an incense burner. Little did she know that Jenie (The Genie) would grant her One and only one wish.

"Sure, I mean if that's what you want I guess," Jenie retorted as she snapped her fingers

In a puff of smoke, Terri was clearly nearing a more hourglass figure than before
"Hell yeah!" she said. Throwing her hands in the air as her thong started sliding down her thighs, she continued, "Hold on, what's going on??" She noticed that everything around her suddenly looked... different somehow.

She shrunk down to five feet tall.

"I mean, I can't just magic matter out of thin air. It's gotta come from somewhere, and you never specified HOW much or many times you wanted," Jenie remarked, seeing an opportunity at hand.

"Crap!" Terri shouted, pulling up her underwear and darting her eyes around the larger-looking room.

Again, Terri disappeared in another cloud of smoke. After it cleared, she could barely keep her thongs up. She was down to three feet short. "Come on! I wanted to look like a model, not a damn midget with a pair of volleyballs on each side! How small will I get?"

"I mean, you were complaining about the specifics. Serves you right in my eyes" Jenie was clearly enjoying the view, as she slid her hand down her pants.

Terri began to explore her newly shrunken and ample body, almost orgasming just from the slightest touch of her tits. She never felt this way before.

"Hang on a moment. We are not done just yet. You know how us genies love our rule of three!"

Once more Terri shrank, reaching barely a foot in size, her underwear looking more like a one piece swimsuit just barely covering her body. She pulled her underwear, giving herself a serious case of camel toe, her pussy eating it up and making her cum on the spot.

As she cooled down, she noticed Jenie towering over her.

"One wish down, two to go!"

Story by Mr_Blight
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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