Toy Soldier

Marith panted as she scrambled through the field. No one had told her the demon possessed this kind of magic. She had accepted her Lord's mission to slay this beast and bring peace to the town... but now the (once statuesque) fighter ran naked through the towering blades of grass. The morning dew coated her body, making it slick and wet. Her armor was too large for her shrunken body and her sword lay on the ground at over ten times her current length. She knew she needed to get away and hoped the spell would wear off in a few minutes. Maybe then she could come back an-

"Oh no you don't!"

A clawed hand, once petite but now colossal in size to Marith, seized her. Her arms pressed into her chest as the Succubus' fingers squeezed against her breasts. Marith yelped as she was hoisted up into the air, her face contorting with fear as she met the gaze from the black and crimson pools of her captor's gleeful eyes.

"I don't like my playthings running away," said the Succubus, her voice drenched with sexual desire. "So I'll just make it so you'll never want to leave."

She paused to lick the dew from Marith's body. Her hot, steamy, buttery smooth tongue glided up the tiny warrior's silken legs, dipping in between her thighs to tease at her more tender parts before moving up her tummy to between her breasts and along her neck. Marith shivered as the chilly dew was slowly replaced with the Succubus' warm, slimy saliva. Then, the Succubus gently let Marith slide through her hand, but tightened her grip again once her hand had reached Marith's tiny wrists. Marith's body swayed in the wind and dangled before the demoness like a prize catch. She wriggled to try and break free, but it was hopeless.

The Succubus giggled at her prey's futile attempts before pushing her pinkie finger into her vagina. Marith gasped as the digit wiggled back and forth - a small movement for the Succubus, but so seismic to the doll-sized Marith that her body began frothing, soon spilling her juices all down her new owner's finger. The slender fingertip rubbed over Marith's clit, parting her lips and massaging up and down her vulva. It didn't take long before the honorable knight had her pride literally leak out of her, her insides clenching as she came to the sensation of the demoness' touch. Her body shivered with pleasure.

Her new mistress smiled at her new slave-toy. "We're going to have a lot of fun, you and I..."

Story by RogueScholar
Artwork by X geek

High resolution (1988x3076)

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