Time of Her Life

Arriving home from her date, Stephanie quickly locked the door and hung up her keys. She pulled out the over-sized silver watch from her coat pocket that she stole from her boyfriend's bathroom.

Stephanie had a huge fetish for wristwatches, especially the over-sized ones. Taking others' watches and wearing them without the original owners knowing was something she enjoyed the most. With a big smirk on her face, she quickly ran upstairs to her room and shut the door. Putting the watch down on her bedside table, she stripped herself down to her panties and bra. The watch felt so good on her wrist. This was definitely the kind of watch she loved the most.

Lying on her bed with her head resting on her pillow slanted against the headboard, Stephanie began smelling and licking the watch while fingering herself. She was lost in a wave of arousal and enjoying every second of it, completely forgetting that she was going to meet up with her friends shortly after the date. Her body began feeling incredibly warm and somewhat wet. The sweat drops from her body were becoming bigger as she began to feel lighter and the watch felt heavier on her wrist. Stephanie felt herself becoming more naked as everything was falling off her body. Finally coming to her senses, Stephanie realized that she was shrinking!

Little did she know that this particular watch would shrink those who wore it... except for its owner. Further and further down she sank, her body finally stopping shrinking... but now she was trapped underneath her cursed treasure. She eventually managed to slip out from underneath the watch's weight, but it wasn't easy!

The watch was now lying on its side, with the crown and pushers facing upwards. The twinge of fear she had briefly suffered from becoming tiny quickly vanished once she saw the new, gigantic watch. She quickly became incredibly overjoyed by the thought of all the new ways she could have fun. With incredible speed, she sprinted towards the watch and climbed the arm of it. With Stephanie's new size, the smell of her boyfriend was now more clear than ever, her excitement rising as she licked and kissed every part of silver she could as she climbed.

Now on top of the watch, she shifted her body towards the knobs, now ready to try an idea she'd concocted as soon as she'd first seeing the watch's new size. Spreading her legs apart and kneeling, Stephanie began thrusting herself so that the pusher was moving up and down inside her vagina. It was an incredible experience, one that she had never felt before in her life.

She then moved over to the crown. This time, with the crown inside her, she slowly rotated her pelvis so the ridges of it would make it even more pleasurable. She came really quickly during that. Doing similar moves on the other parts of the watch, hours felt like minutes, and minutes felt like seconds as she continued her fun, completely uncaring of how she would return to her normal size... or if the watch's owner would soon come to take back what was his...

Story by Kylipop
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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