Thirteen's Revenge

After firing Cameron, Thirteen and Stacy Warner, Cuddy finally feels that she can tame House and make him do his job without problems.

But, unfortunately for her, Thirteen owns a special medical prototype called a “Shrink Device” that is capable of shrinking anything to minuscule size. Thirsty for revenge, Thirteen follows Cuddy in the parking garage, and after making sure no one is watching, she shrinks her to the puny size of one inch.

After grabbing Cuddy, Thirteen puts her on a table and tells her to worship her feet, dirty after a tough day of work. Now Cuddy is the property of Thirteen and she will be her foot slave forever.

Story by Raoh1990
Artwork by Shonemitsu + Yuri Di Curzio

High resolution (4961x3508)

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