The Ultimate Loser

Derek and Helga continued to fuck in celebration of Derek’s victory. However, unbeknownst to them, the shrinking potion Derek used was too potent. Helga quickly shrank until she was the size of a doll. As the ecstasy of the moment took over, both remained unaware of the situation unfolding before them, even though at this point only Derek’s tip could fit inside of her.

The situation only changed when Helga shrank so far that each of Derek’s movements felt like a truck ramming into her, with one eventually throwing her off his genitalia and onto the floor in front of him. While flying, Helga's shrinking suddenly intensified, leaving her only one millimeter tall.

The mood of the room completely changed, hot ecstasy turning to frigid terror so thick you could feel it in the air. Helga was terrified of the god who now sat in front of her, his already-massive manhood looking like a mountain almost blocking out his face from her view. Meanwhile, Derek was terrified to see the woman whom he once yearned for now looking like little more than a speck to him.

The worst part was that both knew that if Derek's erection flagged, Helga would be killed underneath it crushing weight.

Story by RayGun45
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2100x3150)

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