The Ultimate Batwoman

Months after taking up Batman's mantle, Kathern Kane found that she was struggling to hold her own against Batman's more powerful super-villains despite having access to all of his technology and information databanks on Gotham's criminal element.

While going through Bruce's old files, Kate came across an interesting tidbit hidden away in the folder for one Robert "Kirk"Langstrom... better known to the world as the Man-Bat. According to the file, Langstrom's most recent version of the serum was supposedly stable enough that it could give her all of the powers of a bat without transforming into a monster like he once had. Recreating this version of the serum, Kate injected herself before going out on patrol.

Later, as she stood upon the roof of the Gotham stock exchange, Kate felt the serum finally take effect. Unfortunately, instead of transforming into a powerful new heroine, Kate found herself rapidly shrinking into her (formerly tight-fitting) costume. Crawling out of her mask, the would-be protector of Gotham was horrified to discover that she was now only three inches tall and that her arms had become flesh-colored bat wings! Squeaking in terror, Kate fluttered off into the night.

This new Batwoman would no longer stalk dangerous thugs or super-powered criminals. The only thing she would be catching from now on would be the bugs she now needed to survive!

Story by lbh
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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