The Small Fantasy

Griffin and Sabor are a pair of sisters that live in the city of the sky. They're both police officers, sworn to protect the security of the town.

Mr. Big is the mafia boss of the desert city. He usually spends his time participating in wars and conflicts with other city-states, but he has a hobby: when facing beautiful young women, he will use special drugs to stun them and force them to take shrinking potions.

Since they had been ordered to arrest Mr.Big, Griffin and Sabor could not avoid becoming the victims of his "hobby".

When Griffin and Sabor woke up again, they found that they were mini-sized and soaking in Mr. Big ’s most commonly used wine glass. They also found that they were getting intoxicated just off the fumes of the wine they were swimming in!

As the two law enforcement officers fell prey to confusion and drunkenness, Mr. Big brought the glass closer to his face to enjoy the view...

Story by YongBYB
Artwork by ZeroHour99

High resolution (3300x5100)

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