The Silliest Party Gets Smaller

Deedee and her friend Robyn, who now went by Robbo in her silly curvy clown form, went with Waldo, their giant clown pal, to get some snacks and drinks for the invited guests that were soon to arrive.

And soon, some guests arrived. The first two guests had stepped in and looked around confused. “Daryan, Robyn...Dakota?” Said the taller of the two girls named Kiersten.

“Down here” squeaked a silly-sounding voice. Sarah, the other girl, turned and looked down at the coffee table and saw the oddest sight. A small little round orb, pink in color, was waving at them, stamping it’s big feet to get closer. Looking at it, She could see it had a fat little face done up like a clown

“Hiya, Sarah!” Said the orb. “It’s me, Dakota! Well, I used to be!”

“And I used to be Skylar,” said another small clown, this one with huge boobs bigger than her head, but not bigger than her green afro.

“Call me Waddles,” Said the pink clown.

“And I am Boobsie. Duh.” giggled the top heavy one.

“What happened?” Said Kiersten.

“Well, Deedee...that’s Daryan, she invited us over and introduced us to a clown named Waldo and he shrunk us down and made us into silly little clowns, and we just had to share this magic with our friends and pals.”

“You shrank.” Sarah asked with a strange look, a furrowed brow.

“Well, We are quite small, aren’t we?” said Boobsie.

“Wanna give it a shot. Waldo gave us some of his magic dust in case some guests came.”

“This sounds very weird.” Said Sarah.

“But...they seem to really be enjoying it.” Kiersten added.

“We most certainly are. I always wanted huge titties and look at me now. Haven’t you said that you wanted to increase your butt, even though it’s already pretty large.” she said. “I can help with that.”

“That sounds great. Yeah, let’s make it bigger.” She said with a smile.

A tiny puff of glittery dust hit her on the nose and she suddenly vanished into her clothing. Looking down on the floor, Sarah and the two clowns saw a small figure standing on a massive pink Flip Flop, naked. She was pale as Boobsie now, but that wasn’t all. She was now massively pear shaped. Her ass was gigantic and swayed heavily as she figured out her new balance. Her chest on the other hand had diminished substantially, leaving her a-cups at best. Her hips and thighs had grown with her ass so she was very wide indeed.Her thighs had absorbed a bit of her legs, so she looked more squat than before, but her legs ended in large floppy feet like the two clowns on the table. Her head was the next most interesting thing. It had turned into a cone shape with a tuft of purple hair on the top, but bald elsewhere. Her nose was a long purple tube now, wiggling a bit. Her hands had also inflated although not to the degree of her feet.

“Woah” she said in a high-pitched voice.

Sarah reached down and plucked the small bottom-heavy clown off the ground and set her on the table.

“You okay, Kier?”

“Oh yeah, this is so cool, and it felt so good. Your turn, girlie!” She said in a very silly tone as her voice shifted even further.

“I don’t know, it is rather weird.” She sighed, not sure if she should join.

“It’s a party, girlie, and you gotta join in!” said the newest clown.

“Well, I suppose I could give it a try.”

Waddles giggled and wiggled her finger, summoning Sarah closer. She sat on the edge of the table and looked down at the clown.

“What do you say, wanna clown around? Any requests?”

“Well, I see you all have big feet. I’ve always had pretty dainty feet, so could we...make em really big?”

“Oh, that would be GREAT!” Waddles said. “You’ll have the biggest feet of all of us, but first, let’s get you small! That’s the one thing we all have in common”

“I also kinda wanna look like you” she added as Waddles said. “At least, I like the way you are shaped.”

“You got it. Round, small, but big feet. Here we go!” she giggled as she blew a bit of the same powder onto Sarah’s nose, which suddenly enlarged on her face becoming a round red orb before she shrank, her clothing falling uselessly to the floor.

There sat an orb-like clown, just like Waddles, only her skin was a shade of orange. Her body wiggled as she got onto her feet, and she looked down and was amazed at the size of her massive appendages. They were like pontoon boats of their very own, easily as long as she was tall now, and certainly the largest pair of feet at the party. What was surprising to her was that she was about HALF of Waddles size. She looked up at the clown and gasped.

“Hiya little lady,” said the clown.

Sarah now sported a tube of hair just like Waddles, only it was pink and green swirled together. Her nose was a round red orb, and her smile was inhumanly wide with massive teeth, and she couldn’t stop smiling. Her hands now had three fingers and were also inflated to look like gloves.

“Wowie! This feels as good as you said, Kier!”

“I told’ja!” she said, looking at her diminutive friend.

Waldo entered the room and smiled. “Oh, our first new guests for the party. Welcome.” he said as he leaned down, his massive face smiling at the four clowns on the table, thrilled that his collection of little friends was growing faster than he could have imagined.

“I wonder how many more friends I’ll make tonight.” he chuckled.

Story by Hugo Prosperio
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2700x4200)

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