The Silent & Deadly Hit

In Hokkaido, Japan, Agent 47 has been tasked with the assassination of two targets: Former ICA training director Eric Soders, and Providence operative & ex-Yakuza lawyer Yuki Yamazaki. Both targets are at the GAMA medical facility, where Soders is receiving a life-saving heart transplant, paid for by betraying the ICA to Providence. Yuki is there to ensure nothing goes wrong with Soders' operation, and to safeguard him afterwards.

47 infiltrates the facility as a VIP patient under the usual guise of Tobias Rieper. The facility is on tight lockdown, preventing him from bringing his usual tools of the trade with him, so he makes do with what is on-site. To 47, everything can be a weapon... applied correctly.

After sneaking unnoticed through various parts of the facility and terminating Soders in what would later be deemed an "accident", the assassin found an experimental serum being developed in the research wing of the facility, some kind of bioweapon bankrolled by Providence. Well, what would be more apropos than to give a Providence operative a taste of their own medicine? Yuki Yamazaki was under close guard, but a little rat poison in her evening meal sent her straight away to the restroom. It was the perfect opportunity to strike.

Like so many times before, he expected his target to drop immediately when poison was injected into them, giving him a body to stow away until exfiltration. However, Yuki merely staggered in place, seeming to disconnect from her senses and retreat into herself. Not one to be surprised, it nevertheless intrigued 47 when he saw the diminutive Japanese woman become more petite with each breath she took. 47 had successfully assassinated Yuki Yamazaki, but he wouldn't know that for a few minutes. The shrinking serum was slow, but with the dose given to Yuki, it would prove ultimately lethal when she became too small to be seen. In the meantime, unwilling to leave anything to chance, 47 locked the bathroom door behind him, watched, and waited.

Story by BPlateau
Artwork by Horacio Domingues, Slasher

High resolution (2909x4578)

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