The Shrunken Engineer

She'd done it. Jules had always been a brilliant engineer, but she had really outdone herself this time. A real-life. working shrink ray! This would be sure to turn the tide in the battle for the Island. While showing off her new invention to her friend Skye, the curious adventurer decided that she wanted a live demonstration, "accidentally" turning the invention on its creator!

Skye giddily shrunk Jules down to size; the gothic genius trying to cover her nude figure as she got smaller and smaller, to no avail. Eventually, Jules became so tiny that even Kit could crush her easily beneath his paw, and Skye was loving every minute of it.

Meanwhile, embarrassed and defeated, all Jules could do was find herself wishing that she had included a "reverse" button...

Story by Ailyn
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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