The Shrinky Dink Pie Shop

Welcome to the Shrinky Dink Pie Shop! Meet our lovely pie maids Alicia, Dolliah, Kitten, and Stephanie. They'll take your order and make sure you get the pie of your dream. Don't touch as they do get sticky and Tony is quite protective of his maids. However feel free to bring your wife, girlfriend, fiancee or even family by! We can make you a pie that can shrink you down, grow you out or make you feel good.

Don't forget to tip your maid, they do a lot of hard work and it takes a lot of pie to get them happy. Maybe donating a slice of pie for one of them, Or pin a shrink her forward note on the board for any ladies or guys that want to get a quick spice from the Shrinky Dink. Also don't worry if you get too small we do have the Shrinky Dink inn, that's kittens domain, she'll room you up and make sure you have the best barbie suite available. Don't get on her bad side though or you might find yourself in barbie's shoe instead. As small as she might be she is Fiesty.

Then we have Stephanie, she's in charge of the souvenir stand. She loves sleeping on the teddy bears but she will drag one out if you offer her enough pie. That is if she isn't already too small to begin with. She is a sweetheart by the way and just loves to play with all the stuffed animals. Maybe get one for your daughter or son, who doesn't like a Shrinky Dink teddy bear? Thanks for shrinking on by and remember, don't shrink and drive. Always have a DG, a designated giant. Until next time! Ta ta.

Story by txk
Artwork by Mauro Vargas

High resolution (3414x4881)

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