The Shrinking Circle

Rox should have known better than to partner up with her rival, the woman known as Demi. While they were looting, their constant back-and-forth bickering caused the duo to become distracted. Before they knew it, the storm had closed in on their location and brought the shrinking rain with it!

The two of them had heard rumors about the "Shrinking Circle", but they had no idea it would be anything like this. As the rain drops hit them, the two girls found themselves becoming punier by the second! They frantically sprinted towards salvation, but they were shrinking too rapidly to escape the circle.

Soon enough, the dwindling duo were lost in a sea of their own clothing... and they were still getting smaller! For Rox and Demi, getting "lost in the storm" took on a whole new meaning...

Story by Ailyn
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (3700x3240)

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