The Real Show

Jennifer Otterbein was not pleased as she ushered the hired entertainment for her son's birthday party away from the other attendees.

"Lazlo the Great? That act was weak at best! You're not even in a tuxedo! I want my money back."

Lazlo turned sharply and, seemingly from nowhere, produced a red rose for Jennifer. "How's this for weak?"

Jennifer folded her arms. "Try again."

Lazlo waved his hand over the red rose... which was now white. "Ta-daaaa!"

Jennifer slapped the flower from Lazlo's hand and pressed her index finger into his chest. "I said I want my money back."

Lazlo put his hands up in surrender. "Can't do refunds, sorry... but I will do one more trick for you, and I swear to you this one is a life changer. I just have one question for you before I do it. Remember how I asked all the kids to write down the one thing they want most for their birthday?"

"Yeah... and you turned the notes into a bunch of stupid doves. So what?" Jennifer said dejectedly.

Lazlo smiled and held up his wand "Did you get him one?"

"Let me guess: he wrote down a fem-mini. He's only been asking me for one since his last birthday. Maybe he'll get one next year, once puberty has calmed down a bit... why the hell is that important?" she glared.

Lazlo twirled his wand and tapped Jennifer Otterbein on the head with purpose. She vanished into thin air, leaving a pile of clothing where she had been standing. Lazlo removed his top hat, and tapped the rim before reaching in. "I'm just a little worried you'll get lonely on the days when he's at school."

For once in her life, Jennifer Otterbein couldn't find the words to speak as she hung in air, awkwardly trying to process what had just happened. Being lifted out of the darkness of the hat, she felt like a prize plucked from a crane game. As her eyes met the magician's, she fully realized what he had done.

Lazlo smirked. "How's that for a weak show? Hey! Birthday boy! Your Mom wants you to come into the kitchen. She has one more present for you!"

His work was done. Lazlo deposited the still shocked Jennifer on top of her son's birthday cake before leaving out the front door and humming a whimsical tune.

Story by Sumguy
Artwork by Jose Rod Mota

High resolution (3300x5100)

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