The Price for Seven Years

Seven years ago, a fallen nobleman and his lover came to me, willing to do anything to be a part of my household rather than slip into poverty. Through the goddess I serve, we made a deal: for seven years, they would be totally mine. Upon the striking of the deal, they found themselves shrunken down. They were now toys for my amusement. Over the next seven years we played such wonderful games together and I grew very attached to my new pets.

And so, on the eve of the deal's completion, I prayed to the goddess for another seven years. Upon my bed before me, my pets looked up with tears in their eyes, horrified by my betrayal.

And then my goddess laughed.

"Oh... but my child, you have yet to fulfill YOUR end of the deal!"

I did not understand her words at that moment. I had thought my worship was my payment for such a favor!

"For seven years you had this man... and for seven years you have had this woman... is it not time you paid them their due? Fear not, my child. In fourteen years, I shall hear your new deal... hopefully you shall know humility by then!"

All at once, I saw my pets expand back to their former sizes as I sank down into the depths of my fine silk gown. The next thing I knew, my former pets had pulled back the folds of my gown and leered down upon their former mistress. I thought to cast a spell to put them in their place, but found that all of my magic had left me. I was now nothing but a small pet to serve their pleasures.

And yet, even in my fear and humiliation, I still found myself wondering what ideas they may have learned from my games and how they might implement them upon me.

Story by lbh
Artwork by Altercomics-Emilaino Urdinola

High resolution (6265x8858)

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