The Patriarchy

It’s all she had talked about recently. It was getting to be too much.

When we first met we had a lot of things in common. We are both activists, trying to better the world, trying to make things equal for everyone. However, as the months went by, it became harder and harder for her to separate me from “the Patriarchy.” If we disagreed on something, it was me not understanding because I was a man.

It was not always easy dating Samantha. She was great in bed and very funny, but if something was mentioned that she took offense to... the night was over. It would become a debate, a fight that everyone else was destined to lose simply because she wouldn’t give it up. I talked with her about it and we tried to work through it, but it only seemed to get worse. We loved each other and were sticking it out.

That's when the shrinking virus started spreading. I got it about a week ago. I was at work one day and, as I stood up to use the bathroom, I found my pants around my ankles. A few of the cute female interns were there to see it. Honestly, it was sort of exciting. Several people in the office came down with it. It was supposed to last just a week and then you would grow back. The shrinking happened pretty quickly and you would drop down to about a third of your height in the matter of a minute or two.

I called Samantha to come get me. When I got in the car, I saw the look in her eyes. She was... hungry. We played games and she dominated me during that week. It was fun to say the least. One night, however, she had me on my knees in front of her and she told me that I deserved this. That men were going to be the smaller ones now. She screamed at me about the patriarchy, lifted me onto her lap, laid me across her knee, and started spanking me.

Our safe word was “wonderland.” Y'know, like "Alice in...?" We thought it was cute.

She was spanking me a little too hard, all the while screaming about men and women’s lib. I said the safe word several times.

I know she heard me.

When she was done, she put me down and walked away. I didn’t even get an apology. She wouldn’t talk to me the rest of the night. She was mad at ME!

That night I slept on the couch. When I woke up, I was full sized again. I breathed a sigh of relief. I could go finally back to work, so I hopped into the shower. During my shower, I could just hear Samantha stirring in our bedroom, followed by what I thought was a squeak that was trying to be a scream. I got out of the shower, quickly drying myself off and stepped into the bedroom with only the towel over my cock. What I saw was incredible.

I was catching the second half of Samantha shrinking out of her clothes in front of the full length mirror. Her panties dropped, and then her night shirt right after. She stood there, completely naked and shrinking smaller and smaller. She had her hands up to her mouth, eyes wide with horror as she saw herself becoming a little doll and her nipples hardening from the cold air.

Seeing all of this was getting me very turned on. The woman who, no less than 8 hours earlier, stood like a giantess and spanked me to the point of tears was the size of a plaything in front of me. No power, no control... nothing.

The shrinking began to slow down, and eventually stopped when she was two feet tall. I dropped the towel. My cock was standing straight up, as hard as I’ve ever had it, stretched bigger than I’ve ever been, with pre-cum dripping off the head.

I cleared my throat.

Samantha spun on her heels to face my knees, expecting me to be her height. She slowly looked up, and up, and up... until she met my eyes. Her hands dropped from her mouth. She stood there agape for a moment in utter shock. She had gone from having a boyfriend she could lay across her knee, to a doll-woman completely at the mercy of one she knew she'd wronged.

Her eyes drifted from mine down to my cock. Her eyes opened in shock even more.

“I’ve got a new name for it.”

She looked at me expectantly. “W-what do you call it now?”

“I call it the patriarchy. Get ready to be fucked by it.”

Story by Make_them_small
Artwork by Davide Tinto, Slasher

High resolution (7016x9921)

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