The Nutcracker

Kira and her colleges were at the company Christmas party for SizeTek, known for making various products for shrinking women everywhere. Someone had spiked the punch and the party was growing very lively at Aida's house when Kira and Sarah arrived. Some had even used a few of the company's products to shrink themselves small enough to make the Foosball table into a makeshift soccer field!

What a night... and it was only getting started. A few hours (and many drinks and stimulants) later, Kira, Sarah, and Aida were hidden among the presents under the Christmas tree, cuddling after their night of lovemaking. "How long will this take to wear off?" Kira asked Aida this question after she wandered over to a fallen Nutcracker and found that they were the same height! "Oh... don't worry. You'll grow back to normal by New Year's Eve. That said, we should definitely get you a doll outfit so your lover can unwrap their new toy..." Aida responded with a grin.

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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