The Lab Incident 2

As Nichole's head lay between Ashley's breasts, she gets a warm feeling in her chest and a wet one between her legs. She thinks to herself about how she has never been with a girl before.

Ashley sees Nichole's clothes become loose on her as her head rests between her breasts. “I need a better distraction, or she is going to notice before I want her to,” Ashley thinks to herself.

Ashley pulls Nichole's head from her breasts and then pulls her in for a kiss. Nichole closes her eyes and gets lost in the ecstasy as Ashley's tongue pushes against hers and explores her mouth. Nichole begins to shrink faster as Ashley moves her hands to fondle her breasts. Ashley’s jeans and panties fall to the ground as she shrinks smaller. Not opening her eyes, she doesn’t notice the size change and just thinks Ashley slid off her pants.

Ashley picks Nichole up off the stool and places her on the table. Ashley pulls out of the kiss before her tongue becomes too large for Nichole's mouth. Ashley massages Nichole's breast with her thumb and rubs between her legs through her shirt with the index finger until she hers Nichole yells with a climax.

The climax causes Nichole to have a sudden shrinking spurt which left her no larger than 18 inches. She lies on the table with the upper half of her body exposed through the collar of her shirt. She opens her eyes for the first time and sees the giant world around her. She is so lost in her feelings of lust and desire that the only thing she thinks to herself is “more.”

Story by ff2037
Artwork by Josè

High resolution (3300x5100)

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