The Lab Incident 1

Nichole was looking for some extra cash to be for her college classes. She saw a flyer for getting paid to try a weight loss drug and decided to sign up.

Nichole arrives at the lab only to see one lady in a lab coat. She didn’t look old enough to be scientist. She looks like a cosmetologist, with the colored streaks in her short hair. “Are you Nichole?” says the strange woman.

Nichole nods.

“Great! I’m Ashley, and I will be leading the trial today. Have a seat on the stool next to the table.”

Nichole approaches the stool and sits down. Nichole says, “Are you the only person here?”

Ashley replies, “Yeah, we are short-staffed on the weekends.” She pulls out two bottles of pills, a pen, and a clipboard. Ashley approaches Nichole and hands her two pills from the first bottle.

Before Nichole takes them, she says, “Are these safe?”

Ashley replies, “Of course, we have to do tons of animal trials. Not only were no animals harmed, but all of the animals had their weight reduced.” Ashley begins to grin and say, “The results were very... exciting.”

Nichole, being very off put by Ashley’s enthusiasm, says, “Riiiiiight... so how long before you pay me?” as she takes the pills.

Ashley sits down on another stool. “Just three hours of observation, and then you can leave. We will pay you on the way out. In the mean time we can just talk.”

After a half hour had passed, Ashley says, “It is kind of hot in this lab. I am going to take off my coat.” Ashley takes off her coat to show how her tight clothes showed off all of her curves, and a perfect body.

Nichole stares at Ashley’s body and blushes. She thinks to herself, “DAMN! I am not into girls, but her body is perfect.”

Ashley looks at Nichole with a smirk. Nichole becomes slightly smaller and doesn’t notice. “Time to take this experiment to the next level,” Ashley thinks to herself.

Ashley stands and walks over to Nichole. Nichole looks at her hips sway as she walks. Ashley’s voice becomes seductive as she says, “You know, I am the head scientist on this project. It’s actually my life’s work."

Nichole’s face turns red as she replies, “Really!? You look so young.”

“Oh, there’s a lot you don’t know about me,” replies Ashley with a sultry smile. Ashley pulls Nichole in for a hug and says, “You being the first test subject means a lot to me.”

Nichole’s head rests on Ashley’s breasts and she thinks, “Is she hitting on me?!”

Ashley looks at Nichole, seeing that she has gotten smaller. Her clothes are getting baggy. “It looks like the arousal trigger the drug is working. I wonder how small she will get before she notices,” thinks Ashley. Ashley pushes Nichole’s head between her breasts so she can’t notice the shrinking.

Nichole’s heart starts racing as she feels a warmth in her stomach and a wet feeling between her legs. She thinks to herself, “Was there an aphrodisiac in that drug?” As Nichole’s head lay buried in Ashley’s breast, Nichole continues her slow shrink.

Ashley looks down at Nichole and sees that the girl who came in as a 6-foot-tall girl is now no bigger than 4’7". Ashley thinks it’s cute how baggy Nichole’s clothes have gotten.

Ashley thinks, “Let’s see how far we can take the little experiment.”​

Story by ff2037
Artwork by Josè

High resolution (3300x5100)

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