The J-Squad

Two old friends meet at a quiet pub to do some catching up. As the night goes on, the conversation turns to the bizarre. "You won't believe this. So I was at the last reunion, right. You remember that bar, The Hatter's Table? They call it something dumb now, but that's where we were. Rented it out so we had the place all to ourselves. Probably twenty or thirty of us that showed. Anyway, they brought out all the old decor for the reunion so it was done up like Wonderland again... and you know that got everyone talking about how we all always wondered if that 'Drink me' bottle was legit... Well, it turns out it was."

"Bullshit, you're joking."

"Nope, no joke. Jessica said they should put the debate to bed, and then she and Julia started taunting each other, both trying to get the other to put up or shut up. Jen was the one that poured the shots and got up on the bar. Jess and Jules followed her lead. Then it was one, two, three, and they did shots together. Nothing happened at first. Then all of sudden, they were on the express elevator to tiny town. Everyone saw it, and it was awesome. We all crowded around the bar and watched the three of them climb out of their clothes. There were a few seconds where it looked like they were going to freak out, but then Jen started whooping it up, and Jess and Julia gave her a big naked hug."

"So, just like old times?"

"Yeah, just smaller. They were lapping up the attention, and the booze. Didn't give two shits that they were tiny, naked, and getting passed around while the rest of the reunion took it all in. Looked like the trio were truly in their glory."

"How small did they get? Did you get to hold them? Tell me you have photos!"

"See, you should have attended. Do you want to hear the rest?"

"Still think you are bullshitting me, but sure. How did the rest of the night go?"

"In a word, chaos. The 'Eat Me' box, it was empty. Like not even a crumb of anything in it. No one bothered to check it before they did the shots."

"Holy shit, what did they do?"

"The J-Squad? Hard to be sure. Everyone kind of freaked out when we realized they were probably going to wind up in a lab or a sideshow. In the bedlam that followed, some well-meaning person must have gathered them up and made off with them. Not just them either, the Drink-Me bottle disappeared too."

"That's insane. What do you think happened to them?"

"My guess, is they are still tiny and naked and desperate for attention. Probably living out life in a cozy hamster cage that sits on a desk in some lucky bastard's man-cave... with my ex-wife."

"Ha, your ex-wife? Funny, how would she have wound up shrunken? Not gonna lie, I'd pay good money to see a group of little hotties running around a hamster cage. Especially if it was that group."

"Good money? Okay, follow me back to my place... and stop at an ATM on the way."

Story by Sumguy
Artwork by HSerfa

High resolution (5000x3600)

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