The Heist

With the CEO of Sizetek having stolen Kira's prototype and claimed it as her own, Kira knew for sure that even stealing the remote back wouldn't be enough. She needed to prove to the world who really made the device... and what better way than at the convention where it would be released!

A couple of months later...

The convention was massive and featured celebrity guests, history panels, merchant halls... and several booths set up by Sizetek where people could try out the remote, secured from tampering.
The most popular part of the remote's appearance at the convention was for the cosplay community. People could use the remote and it's wide variety of functions to alter how they looked. A petite blonde woman would enter a booth and come out as a massive, green skinned Orc Warrior (or as a Half-ling), scurrying into another nearby booth for a costume change. This device was being marked as revolutionary, society-altering, and the best thing since sliced bread.

Kira and Tina, who were already permitted backstage due to Kira's company clearance were already shrunk and dressed as the Fairy Knight and Pixie Witch (two characters from the world's most popular comic book-based cinematic universe). A foot tall Kira fluttered her robotic butterfly wings, still getting dressed, as the six inch Tina, dressed as the Pixie Witch flew effortlessly with her dragonfly-like wings.

"Remember the plan. You distract Alice Knight, my boss, while I install my master control chip into her remote. Then, when she picks it up, she'll start shrinking. While she's getting a taste of her own medicine, I'll post the video I made back in college of the prototype test that got me hired to Sizetek in the first place. That will show her who she can steal from!"

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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