The Fortune-Teller

“Today is my lucky day.” Beatrix thought.

Her haul in pickpocketing was quite high.

With all the coins she had gained today, Beatrix was sure that this was just the beginning of her lucky streak and so she looked out for her next victim.

And there he was!

A man of middled age who looked rich and walked rich (but would soon walk easier without his pouch under his jacket).

“I'm terrible sorry! I don't know where I'm having my head again.” The beautiful woman apologized when she intentionally bumped into the man.

Smiling secretly she kept walking, until someone screamed: “Hey! You! Stop right where you are!”

So much for her plan to vanish quietly into the crowd.

Beatrix didn't look back and started running, the angry voice of her victim behind her who kept following her.

On the corner of a small allay, she could temporarily lose sight of him. Nearby was the market where she could try to vanish into the crowd again, but the distance was still too short.

She discovered a quiet, colourful tent with an eye sign above the entrance.

This was her opportunity, if things went right, and she rushed into the tent, throwing three shining objects on the table.

'Here are some silver-coins. Just keep quiet and don't tell anyone that I'm here.“ The thief shouted to the young woman and hid behind her chair.

“I'm looking for a woman! Is she there?” the man asked, his head suddenly appearing in the entrance.

“Men are always looking for the women in their life. They might find answers here, but unfortunately not your woman.” The fortune-teller giggled.

“But for a small price I can tell..,” and off the head was gone.

Beatrix stepped out of her hiding spot.

'Thanks for the help.“

'I just helped a customer,“ the fortune-teller replied.

“Anyway... Bye!”

Beatrix was in something of a bad mood for having thoughtlessly given up three silver coins, but then again they had been worth it to save her neck.

Beatrix was about to leave when her eyes caught sight of the fortune-teller's crystal ball. From what she could tell as a thief, it was no cheap trinket. In fact, it could be worth a lot... The pretty woman had no idea where this sleazy fortune-teller could have gotten something as valuable as that, but Beatrix knew for sure that she would pay a visit later that night it for herself.

“Hold on! I haven't told your fortune yet. After all, you did pay me.”

“I guess I'm gonna skip that.”

“You might want to stay a little longer. The man who is looking for you is still nearby. So why not learn about your fortune in the meantime?”

“Are you telling me that you have seen my future?”

The young fortune-teller just smirked.

“Very well, tell me what you see.”

The fortune-teller grabbed Beatrix hand the moment she took a seat. Her finger ran along Beatrix's hand but her eyes fixated on the Thief's face.

It was then that the pretty thief wondered why the fortune-teller wasn't using her crystal ball.

“I see … that you are a thorough woman, a pretty woman, a smart woman … and a woman who likes to steal the fortune of others.”

“That's what you read on my hand?” Beatrix laughed.

The fingernail stroking along her hand tingled and sent a strange feeling throughout her body.

“No, my dear. That's what I read in your eyes.”

The implication of those words frightened Beatrix, but she tried to hide it behind a smile.

“And what are you doing with my hand?”

“Just a little charm, my dear. Believe me, you will like it.”

“What kind of charm...?”

Suddenly Beatrix noticed that her collar revealed her shoulder.

Her feet suddenly got lifted out of her shoes.

It was then that the thief realized how gigantic the fortune-teller's hand had become.

“What did you to to me?” Beatrix asked in panic as she pulled away hand with enough force to send her tumbling from her chair. Hitting the ground, Beatrix was horrified to find herself sinking into her enormous clothing.

“You shrank me!” Beatrix exclaimed as she crawled out of her baggy clothes.

“Yes, I did.” The fortune-teller calmly confirmed, changing to a cross-legged position, leaning with an arm on the table and her head resting against hand.

“Listen, if this is about the man ..”

“No, my dear. This has nothing to do with him. I wouldn't have minded if you were just stealing money, especially from those who have far too much of it, but you'd also steal from those who possess very little. I saw how you would steal my crystal ball.”

“Look! I'm sorry that I even considered that, but I didn't steal it yet. You can't punish me for something I haven't done! That's not fair!”

“I don't care what you think! This ball is the only valuable thing I possess and has been passed through my family for centuries. Do you have any idea what this means to me?”

“Do I have to be stuck like this forever?”

“Well, you wanted to know your fortune. This is it.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“Oh, I believe we will come up with something...”

Story by IncredibleCaptainAsh
Artwork by Altercomics-Bazan

High resolution (2863x4618)

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