The Apothecary Cafe - Shrinkpops

Kira and Ulsharia were both downstairs in the café they owned when a customer came in asking about their special 'Midnight Menu.'

Ulsharia decided it would be more fun for Kira to show her how one of their most popular products, the Shrinkpop, worked.

"Well, as you see, this lovely lollipop comes in various flavors and changes flavors as you continue to lick it," Kira said, slowly dwindling with each lick, her clothes becoming baggier and heavier on her smaller frame. "We really do mean smaller with every lick, though, as you can see, your clothes don't really follow you down. And if it's too much, there's a special chocolate center that grows you right back, otherwise, you stay the size you stop eating it at."

Kira continued to lick away, shrinking smaller and smaller until she was lifted onto the counter by her wife, who had also started to eat one of the Shrinkpops. At the end of the demonstration, only Ulsharia's head was above the countertop while Kira was standing on the counter at a mere foot tall.

"Any questions?"

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Horacio Domingues & Yuri Di Curzio

High resolution (2904x4423)

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