The Apothecary Cafe - Mother's Milk

Another day, another demonstration of an item off the "Midnight Menu."

Tiffany had returned and had become curious on the other items but wasn't quite ready to try them herself yet. She asked Kira to showcase the Mother's Milk and was pleased with the results as Kira's already blessed body became more enhanced as her hips widened, her ass thickened in her Imperial dress, and her breasts slipped right out of the top. When she noticed the milk droplets forming, curiosity got the better of the Breton as she asked for a taste.

Kira agreed and led Tiffany up to the second floor of the cafe, a lounge where it was more quiet. There, the 5'0'' stood and looked up at the taller Breton as she bent over and started to suckle. It wasn't long however until the Breton was shorter than Kira and her clothes were becoming ill-fitting. Kira eventually laid Tiffany on her lap as she continued to drink her fill, while Kira brushed her head and explained how the potion worked.

"While similar to the potion, 'Bovine Maid,' this drink is enhanced with Moanmints and the Shrink Serum to enhance the milk to an addictive, but sustainable, taste. The more one drinks from the one who takes the potion becomes smaller and desires more of the milk. Typically they will stop somewhere between one and two feet and will remain that small as long as they keep drinking the milk or they use a Tabula Rasa Chocolate. The Mother's Milk has the added benefit of being fully sustainable to live off of too. All of your daily nutrients in one place. Drink up, little one, I think you might end up that small for longer than you thought."

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Yuri Di Curzio

High resolution (3307x4677)

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