Team Goals

The Springfield West College women's soccer team had lost another game. Their losing streak stretched several seasons, and Jalyn and Maddie wanted to put yet another defeat behind them. Passing the pep squad didn't help matters any, as the cheerleaders booed and mocked them.

"Your team sucks!"

"We won't cheer at your games until you start winning."

"Soccer's a lame sport anyway!"

Jalyn and Maddie kept walking, doing their best to ignore the squad's insults and giggles.

"I wish there was some way to show them what soccer means to us." Jalyn said, once out of earshot.

"Or anything to cut them down to size," added Maddie.

When they arrived at their dorm, they decided to release some steam by playing a game of foosball. They walked into the game room, and heard high-pitched shrieks coming from the table. To their surprise, Jalyn and Maddie's wishes had come true. Without questioning the strange magic that shrunk the pep squad and secured them to the bars where the foosball figures had been, Maddie picked up the plastic ball and asked, "Wanna play?"

"Hell, yeah!" replied Jalyn, gripping two of the bars. "No matter which one of us scores more goals, it's clear who the losers are gonna be." Ignoring the pep squad's pleas for help, Maddie put the ball in play, and she and Jalyn started their game.

Story by Scidram
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (5100x3300)

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