Sweet Little Nothing

She had been living in the girl's bedroom for a while now. After she had started to shrink, she tried living like a normal person. But the smaller she got, the less human she felt. It felt like ages since she was large enough to be seen by her roommate. Even though she was so small that walking through the carpet was like wading through tall grass, her roommate would at least watch where she was going and toss her the occasional crumb. But now she was smaller than a mote of dust. And she was still shrinking. With every lustful thought, every wet dream and every sliver of pleasure she became less and less. Now, for the first time in what felt like weeks, her roommate sat on the floor and addressed the empty carpet. "I'm sure you're still down there somewhere, speck. I thought I'd give you a little show to help you disappear a little faster."

With that, she began to pleasure herself while scanning the rug for any sign of the insignificant speck that was once her roommate. Both girls climaxed together, though only the speck was aware of this bond. She could feel herself continuing to dwindle. It wasn't stopping, she was too worked up. Soon the boulder-sized bits of dust had become larger than mountains. Looking up, all she could see were shapeless forms colored like flesh. She had officially shrunk out of her former world. As even the imperfections of the mote of dust she had been laying on became like canyons to her she continued to idly tease her clit and wondered just how small she could go...

Story by Raso
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (2954x3840)

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