Sukuna's Shrinking Surprise

It had all started from one too many digs from Hakurei Reimu towards her guest Shinmyoumaru Sukuna regarding the latter's height and lack thereof, with the Inchling Princess desiring some payback.

One morning, Reimu had been out sweeping the stone path to her shrine when there was a sudden flare of magic and light, which tapped on the back of her head. When her vision and senses cleared she found herself standing before a gigantic figure, and as she turned her gaze upwards she took in the sight of Sukuna looming over her.

"Heh heh heh, looks like I got you Reimu. Not so high and mighty are you, now that I cut you down to a better size. What was it you said to me yesterday? Something about me being careful lest I wind up underfoot? Should we test that?" The Inchling was clearly enjoying being the tall one for once, stepping closer to the shrunken shrine maiden just to emphasize the point further.

However as she did so, Reimu spotted a rapidly approaching problem that at the moment greatly outweighed all other issues. "Sukuna, wait! There's--"

Reimu's warning was cut short, as Sukuna lightly snorted with arms crossed in front of her chest and interrupted, "Oh no, Little Reimu. You are not going to weasel out of this one." The Inchling girl was so focused on her power trip that she completely missed the arrival and landing of one Kirisame Marisa.

The ordinary magician dressed as a witch landed softly on the ground, and began to walk along the path towards the shrine. The blonde was visibly confused as she knew usually around this time Reimu would be out sweeping, and so she continued to walk forward until she was nearly upon the position of the two smaller girls.

For her part, Sukuna remained oblivious to the approaching danger right up until the last moment, as Marisa took one more step forward casting them into shadow as she called out, "HEY REIMU, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?"

Sukuna barely had time to change her expression before the shoe came down, and Reimu only barely managed to dodge out of the way. Looking back she clearly saw the form of Sukuna buried under the shoe of Marisa, alive but down for the count all while the blonde was oblivious. Seeing that despite the perpetrator being knocked out, she was still just as small as before, and Reimu let out an annoyed sigh. This was going to get a lot worse before it got better, or at least remain annoying.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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