Sometime in the near future, and much to the consternation of decent and upstanding Englishmen, Japan will invent a way to shrink people down to a tiny, and positively cute, size. The Japanese appetite for 'the cute' and Japanese fetishism of other cultures, especially Western, being what it is, there soon developed a whole string of collectors desperate to minimize an exotic foreigner or two.

For Yume, a rural girl with a keen mind, adorable demeanour and deep-seated desire to own a tiny lady, the ownership market would just have to wait. It was hard enough being the only lesbian in the village without thinking about the cost of reduction and upkeep required with tiny people. With the 'Koonago Labs Patented People Shrinker' not having any effect on Japanese (or even East Asian) physiology, Yume couldn't even reduce her pretty older sister, or a clutch of her school friends, to satisfy her needs. To get what she wanted, she needed to get herself abroad. Becoming a student of English at her local university only further cemented her desire to shrink herself a little 'Emma', 'Hermione' or 'Jane'. It wasn't until graduation, with her bursaries and student loans economically squirrelled away, that she was finally able to afford her own shrinking device, and a ticket to London.

It had been hard, so hard, for her to not just zap the first pretty lady that she saw in the city. She had to be clever about this. Any shrinking was permanent. Tiny people were for life, not just for a kinky evening.

Fortunately, dipping her toes into the local gay scene had come up trumps. Within minutes of walking into a little Soho bar, she had met Poppy and 'Flick'. They were both so adorable, so unique, so... round. Especially in places she never felt she could be. In short, they were perfect!

On the final day of her trip, they'd invited her to sample a traditional and quaint 'Afternoon Tea' (complete with cakes, scones and fine china). Sat in the 'Wonderland Tea Rooms', both girls chirped up about how much they would simply 'love' to visit Japan. Yume knew this was her time to act and whipped out her Koonago MKIV, already set to: 'English: 3 Inches'. First, she zapped Poppy just above her breasts, reducing her quickly to the size of a tiny Tinkerbell. Re-aiming the beam at Flick, Yume quickly earned herself a delicate, living Thumbelina.

Poppy always knew that this could happen. She'd heard rumours and seen things on the internet, but you never think it would actually happen to you! Especially not with someone so... hot! Despite the unfortunate loss of her height and liberty, it was clear that she aimed from moment one to take it all in her teeny tiny stride.

Flick, on the other hand, would take a few more weeks to adjust. Eventually, though, when your world is filled with bra-cup hammocks, giant all-you-can-eat sushi, and nipples you can use as diving boards in the spa, you have to see the bigger picture!

Yume, on the other hand... well, who'd ever heard of a 'collection' of just two?

Story by Comrade
Artwork by Enroc Studio

High resolution (2893x4092)

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