Small Mercy

In her many years as a doctor for Overwatch, Angela Ziegler (known by most as Mercy) had learned that working with nano-technology and nano-biology was a very fickle experience.

The latest version of her Caduceus Staff had proven particularly difficult to calibrate. Thankfully, it was almost ready: only a few more tests and it would be set for field deployment. Unfortunately, in her haste to finish for the day, Mercy accidentally bumped the activation switch.

While she had the foresight to aim the device away from herself, an ill-placed mirror had different ideas. As the reflected golden light enveloped her, there was an unexpected reaction with the technology in her Valkyrie swift-response suit, and Mercy soon saw the world grow around her.

Since the staff was set to work only on organic matter, just her person was affected. Luckily, after about half a minute, a safety feature kicked in, and it turned off by itself.

Once she collected her bearings, Mercy looked up in amazement at her now gigantic clothing and immediately realized her predicament.

After a moment, her shock and wonder slowly subsided, and in their place she felt a sudden sensation of arousal. Whether it was a side effect of the poorly calibrated beam or the discovery of a previously unknown kink she possessed, Mercy couldn't really say. She would figure out how to solve that problem later.

For now, Angela Ziegler had a strong tension that needed a release.

Story by Cobalt
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2429x3150)

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