Small Crossed Lovers

I am the Watcher. I am your guide through these vast new realities. Follow me, and dare to face the unknown, and ponder the question: what if?

Companionship, it is a common emotion for humanity, currently one being in it has faced the hardships of her power.

Emma Meyer, a social media starlet under the guise "Little Cricket" only forced to her by her mother, who possesses the unique ability to shrink down to almost 1cm tall. But in order to do, she must... purge her stomach contents out enough. Her power is connected to her metabolism, the less in her stomach, the more she shrinks. It hurts her, and she feels numb to the world of social media, having sex with fans who love her when all she wants is a normal relationship, someone who sees her not as Little Cricket, but as Emma. However, while in one timeline she is in a bleak world of superheroes where it tethers close to fascism, there is another Emma... living in a conflicted world where the balance of good and evil isn't grey, and someone is gonna help her. That someone is Cassie Lang.

Both women are entering college, and so it beholds, both are roommates in Empire State University. Emma has gotten attention entering ESU, while Cassie Lang is looking to major in Quantum Physics. Both have met each other but Emma later reveals her dark origins of her powers to Cassie Lang, who happens to be a secret fan. She controls herself but then reveals she is the superheroine Stature. She too can shrink down, enough to be ant-sized, and she reveals she can shrink both of them enough without Emma's harm to her body. Emma wants to thank her, so Cassie opts to ask her if the favor can be returned and she knows how. You see Cassie knows college and favors both genders, and she being a fan of Emma's videos, she leaps on her crush and decides to ask Emma to "go down," which I understand is to perform... sexual pleasure.

Cassie activates her particles, but Emma's powers mixed with the particles jumps her height down at a faster rate and Cassie wants to take advantage before returning the favor. She wants Emma to titty hump her breasts, Emma obliges. After all, she's been bi curious a well and this rarely happens for her. As both women are pleased, Cassie returns the favor by shrinking herself smaller than Emma as her shrinkage is slow enough to catch up.

Cassie then asks Emma if she wants to rub her own body all over Emma's vagina, pleasuring her with Cassie's bioelectric shocks, but weak enough to not hurt but simulate Cassie becoming a human vibrator. Emma, just being glad she isn't the small one, cannot contain her emotions as Cassie hits her G-spot, and both women are spent enough and wallow in their sexual satisfaction.

As the night darkens and the midnight hour approaches, both women are about the size of ants, and both are still working to get themselves off more. Emma is just happy her shrinking now no longer comes at a cost and has made a new friend with a superheroine, and gains the confidence to tell her mother off. Cassie is just happy and cannot wait to introduce her dad and the Pym family to a new shrinker... and her new girlfriend.

I, Uatu, am delighted I got to see these shrinking sexcapades.

Story by mreddie
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3500x5000)

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