Sibling Rivalry

"You were always so cruel to me, Ilvara..."

Even after years of studying the shrinking spell she'd used, Xalith could hardy believe that this thing she held in her hand was the big bad warrior she'd feared for so much of her life reduced to a pathetic, quivering doll.

"Y-you... you're still just a pathetic runt, Xalith." Ilvara squeaked from her captor's clutching hand.

Xalith scowled. "My dearest Ilvara, I simply can not hear you like this. You'll need to speak up!" As Xalith spoke, she placed a finger between Ilvara's legs and slowly began to play with her.

"Aaaaiie!" Ilvara squealed as Xalith held her ever tighter. The shrunken warrior tried to fight off her foe's fingertip to no avail. She was as red with shame as a drow could be. "I am an elite! You can't treat me this way!"

Xalith cackled with laughter. "I certainly can, Ilvara... because no one is ever going to find out."

Story by Braegen Dearth
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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