Shrunken Cheerleader Squad

Amy was a science prodigy and her matter reduction thesis was going to revolutionize the world! That was until Melissa, the head cheerleader for the collage cheerleading team, saw Amy testing it one day, tricked Amy into giving her a demo, and then shrank the genius with her own invention.

Melissa's next stop was the rival cheerleading squad's changing rooms. Knowing that they would have only just finished practice, Melissa burst in and blindly fired Amy's device. In all, Melissa shrank five girls during this ambush: Rachel (the other team's captain and Melissa's personal rival), Brittany, Jennifer, Lisa, and Katy. Amy, stuck in Melissa's pocket, could only look on with a mixture of shock and helplessness.

After Melissa collected her little prizes, she headed back to her dorm bedroom, stripped naked, and laid down on her bed. Melissa then dropped Amy into a glass jar on a nearby table and deposited the tiny cheerleading squad all over her body. Brittany and Jennifer were left down by her hot and sweaty feet. Lisa and Katy, meanwhile, were placed upon her ample DD breasts. This only left Rachel, her rival, for Melissa's already wet and ready pussy!

Naturally, the shrunken girls refused to accept their new roles in life... at first. However, Melissa made it perfectly clear that she could always shrink them smaller or get new pets if they disobeyed. Eventually, all five of the cheerleaders got to work.

Down by Melissa's huge feet, Jennifer secretly found herself becoming aroused and maybe even enjoying her new role as Melissa's foot slave...

Story by v00d00
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Slasher

High resolution (3508x4961)

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