Shrunken Boarding Diaries

Mi-Kyung was on a date at a theme park with her boyfriend. She told her date she had to use the restroom, but once she finished, she was no longer at the amusement park. It's as if she were the size of a doll, and everything around her, from the grass to the bugs, was much larger. Shocked by the situation but managing to regain her composure, she saw a large rock where she could scout her location if she could climb it.

As she climbed, she felt the rock rumble slightly, but she continued to reach the top. However, she was not anticipating a huge man the size of a building looking down at her. "Hello Gorgeous! Why don't we have some fun?" the giant boomed while he reached down for her.

She screamed in terror as the giant hand cupped around her beautiful figure and lifted her into the air. "Ah! P-put me down!" she yelped in his hand while gasping, but her pleas only made him more lustful.

"The fun has just begun, little girl," he said to her while fondling her breasts.

"Noooo!" she moaned in his palm as the giant began to walk with his prize while rubbing the frightened figure in his hand.

Story by JustHere
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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