Shrunk-Drunk Valentines

"See, I knew you had it in you," a happily drunk Ivy claims. Ivy puts her left arm around Jill, pulling Jill to herself so Jill is eye level with Ivy's breasts, making the right side of Jill's face firmly press into Ivy's left boob.

A drunk Jill responds, "Wow, Ivy, you sure are big." Jill's right hand cups Ivy's right boobs for a few seconds.

"Thanks, I grew them myself."

Then the door flinging open interrupts them. "Ivy where are you?! We were supposed to have a match today!" Taki yells out. She goes right up to the bar where she hears laughter. Just below her breasts are a pair of small women. "What is going on here?" Taki demands.

"Just getting a little drunk."

"Well that's just great," Taki says sarcastically, feeling a lot of frustration, "This will wear off right?"

"A day or three tops." Ivy looks down at Jill, whose face is still resting against her boob. "Look at the size of Taki's boobs. They are huge. Jill, I bet we could jump on them like a trampoline." Ivy trails off, laughing until she's out of breath.

Jill responds with, "Bouncy bouncy." Then she joins Ivy in laughter.

Taki is not amused. She quietly puts her hands on either side of the tiny ladies to capture them. Taki looks as if she has to discipline small children.

Story by TieAvenger
Artwork by Arieta-YouLZ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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