Ramirez and Tank Penny were holed up within a wooden fort and in the midst of trying to fend off countless wave of zombies when tragedy struck.

During a break between waves to find BluGlo, Tank Penny noticed something was wrong with the ceiling gas trap (it had not gassed any of the zombies during the previous wave). So she went to go check on the trap. Ramirez came to back her up just in case. However, as soon as they both walked under the trap, gas sprang and covered our poor heroines. Neither of them knew what chemicals had been included within this particular batch of gas, but were too surprised to do anything except breathe it in and start to coughing.

The effects kicked it right away for Tank Penny as she shrank at an incredibly fast rate. She hadn't even noticed what had happened to her until she opened her eyes and found herself lost in complete darkness.

Ramirez's transformation happened at a much less rapid pace. She had enough time to turn around and see Tank Penny's clothing piled on the ground before she'd begun to shrink. Seeing slight movements coming from within the mound of fabric, Ramirez reached down and picked up Penny's black shirt. The sight of her shrunken comrade startled Ramirez so much that she jumped, causing her to drop her gun and Tank Penny's shirt.

That's when she started to notice something was wrong with her body as well. Her pants started to feel loose, like they growing bigger every couple of seconds and starting to slide down her legs. Ramirez looked down and was greeted by the sight of her exposed pink panties. Feeling embarrassed, she quickly pulled her pants up with both hands... but she felt something else was becoming looser too. Her tank top. It was starting to slide down on her, exposing both of her breasts to the cold air. Her embarrassment now replaced by shock, she pulled up her tank top with one hand and her pants with the other. Ramirez realized that she was now the size of a 3 foot midget.

Ramirez gulped. If she didn't find a cure before the next wave hit, it would only be a matter of time before she and her friend would become zombie snacks...

Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (3535x5000)

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