Shrinking on the Job - Overtime

(Inspired by Cezar Nix's "Shrinking on the Job" series.)

Lauren and Rachel were relieved to finally make it home after having an extremely stressful day, as both women had once again uncontrollably shrunk at work. Although they both possessed magic rings to help control their shrinking curse, neither of them were very adept at using them yet. They both managed to get back to normal heights before leaving, but Lauren quickly found that she was slowly shrinking again right after fixing herself. Rachel was so distracted by her dwindling passenger on their drive home that she nearly drove into a ditch. She was actually pleased to see her girlfriend was still shrinking. Having her usually-taller lover shrink shorter than her seriously turned Rachel on. She was so focused on Lauren's changes, in fact, that she barely felt the familiar tingles that were associated with her own shrinking return.

Once home, Lauren tossed her heels to the side of the room and shucked off her oversized skirt, then hopped up on the oversized couch and peeled off her baggy stockings. Her panties were loose and sagging, but were mostly covered by her now extra-large shirt. She turned on the television and motioned for Rachel to come sit with her, Rachel slowly making her way to the couch and only now noticing how loose her heels felt. She felt her skirt slip off her hips slightly, but just pulled it back up, noticing that it seemed longer. Looking back at Lauren, Rachel loved how cute Lauren looked sitting on the couch, her tiny legs dangling while still partially dressed in her oversized outfit. Rachel eased onto the couch, slowly putting her arm around her shrunken girlfriend and hugging her tightly. She then instinctively crossed her legs, which caused her oversized shoe to slip off her foot before she reflexively caught it on her toes. She slipped it back on, only to have it slide off again.

Just then her loose bra strap also slid down the side of her arm, and she sat back on the couch, thinking it felt oddly large based on how her feet could just barely reach the floor, even with her heels on. Suddenly, she felt the tingling sensation again and instantly shrunk three inches. Both of her shoes slipped off as her feet lifted further off the floor, and she felt her already loose shirt and skirt shift even more around her dwindling body. Lauren heard Rachel gasp, and looked over to see her girlfriend continuing to shrink before her eyes. The shrinking process seemed to be going much faster than it did for her. Lauren stood up on the couch, watching her lover seemingly melt into her clothing. After a few more moments the shrinking seemed to slow down, then eventually stop.

Lauren pulled her tiny girlfriend up, almost letting out a giggle when she realized that the top of her girlfriend's head was below her chest. Rachel laughed at the sudden role reversal and stood on her tiptoes as they embraced each other, savoring every second of having her lovers' perky breasts in her face.

Story by Knightstable
Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (3535x5000)

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