Shrinking Rivalry

Sarah was a new researcher at a prestigious University who aspired to do great things with size-changing technology. Problem was though, she was always having to compete against her rival since high school Samantha.

Samantha always seemed to be one step ahead and would tease Sarah constantly, but no more after today. Sarah just finished her size-changing device that should shrink her rival down to size. Samantha knew that Sarah was close to finishing the device and modified the device that night to backfire on Sarah.

The next morning Sarah invited Samantha to come check out her device. Samantha pretended to be interested in knowing what was going to happen. Sarah, excited to shrink her rival, aims the device and fires it, but it shrinks Sarah to a mere few inches and out of her clothes as her rival watches with intent. The device magnified Sarah’s curvy body further where she has much larger curves, boobs, and butt than she did when she was normal size.

Sarah tries to make a run for the device on the ground but is unable to reach it in time and is scooped up by Samantha and placed in a test tube. Sarah’s figure is pressed against the glass, as it is a bit tight for her body, and she tries to lash out in anger at the giantess. Samantha starts to tell her all the fun things she will do to her as Sarah is fearful of what is to come.

Samantha is now naked and at home, is holding the tiny girl, and demands her to pleasure herself on top of her butt for her amusement. Sarah, embarrassed and wanting to disobey, knows she has no power now and it is best to obey. She starts masturbating on top of her rival’s butt. She moans in tiny squeaks as her rival watches with amusement at her new plaything. Sarah hopes she can figure a way to fix this situation and the device.

Story by Tmancrusher
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (2650x4096)

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