Shrinking Hope

Sarah’s life since shrinking has been humiliating and a difficult one to overcome. Sarah regretted trying to shrink Samantha and falling victim to her own device. She had no idea how cruel Samantha could be. Since then, Sarah has effectively had to be a pet or sex toy to her ex-rival. Samantha loves this situation though, playing, and making Sarah do all kinds of naughty and fun activities. Samantha has instilled a lot of fear in the little girl, and Sarah finds it difficult to disobey and usually does whatever is asked of her. Now, Sarah still bides her time in hope she can get to the device or find some way out of this mess.

Samantha’s favorite thing to make her plaything do is worship her butt, and worship Sarah does. Sarah tries all kinds of ways to please her captor's butt, at one point Sarah had to live in Samantha’s panties as punishment for several days. So, to keep her happy and avoid this punishment, she goes all out when asked to worship her butt. Samantha loves messing with Sarah, though even if she is obedient and flicks her butt from time to time, the diminutive squeals and begging from Sarah are what Samantha lives for.

Samantha has a secret though. Eventually, the shrinking will reverse, but Sarah is unaware of this. Samantha has been working hard to perfect the device to keep Sarah this way forever, and who knows, maybe she will add some other pets to the collection while at it.

Story by Tmancrusher
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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