Shrink Ray Shenanigans (or: Alchemy and Engineering Don't Mix)

"I hope this works," Sharis squeaked up at Zahir. The tiny Draenei squirmed bashfully, tugging at the makeshift bikini that was ironically too small to hide her hips, despite her diminished size. She smiled shyly up at the face of her giant boyfriend, a little embarrassed at how much bare skin she was showing. However, at her and her two friends' current sizes, anyone trying to catch a peek would have to squint.

"It'd better," the human girl beside her replied forcefully, as she blew a tiny red bang from her face. Though Kat wasn't nearly as worried about her shrunken appearance, she had made some attempt to hide most of her body from the giant face looming above her. "This is all your fault, Zahir! You and your damned potions!" she complained.

Zahir tried not to smile at her voice, now so high-pitched that it made her tiny tantrum seem adorable.

"Kat... it was your idea to find something to drink in my lab, which is... well, not the best of ideas."

Kat responded with another squeaky tantrum, kicking one of the nearby test-tubes to display her tiny fury. "You shouldn't keep the booze and potions next to each other!"

After mistakenly drinking an alchemic potion they thought was an exotic liquor, the trio of adventurers had found themselves shrunk to ten inches tall. Without an antidote, they were dependent on the Alchemist who loomed above them to try and find a means of restoring them to their rightful size.

"I-it's not his fault, Kat. We... we shouldn't have drunk something unless we knew what it was," Taylai stammered as she fidgeted with her hair. Since nothing she wore had shrunk with her and her hair clip was now nearly as big as she was, the night elf had found her proportionally long hair hard to tame. Tying it off into two pigtails was the best she'd manage to do, and every little rip of the fabric that had been on the table meant even less to attempt to cover themselves.

The girls peered up at the mechanical device that loomed overhead as Zahir pushed it towards them. At this point, nothing else had restored their former size, so they'd taken more unorthodox methods to try and find a solution to their tiny dilemma.

"Will this work?" Sharis asked.

"Of course it will! It's Gnomish engineering at it's finest!" Zahir replied, trying to hide his nervous tone with a cheerful voice. "I mean... if something bad happens, it'll be reversible! Right?"

"S-something bad?" Taylai squeaked fearfully. Kat folded her arms and tapped her foot. "That thing looks like a toy out of a cereal box," she grumbled. "And if it were so easy to undo all of this, you wouldn't have to use that thing to begin with!"

"It's safe! Besides, we've tried everything else. I had no idea what you girls mixed up in those drinks, so my alchemy isn't working..." The (comparatively) giant Draenei sighed above them. "So we'll try another type of science. Uh... are you ready?"

The three tiny girls braced themselves.

"R-ready," Sharis peeped.

"Eeep!" Taylai squirmed, tensing.

"Just do it already!" Kat yelled up, nearly exposing herself as she shook her fist up at the giant Draenei.

Squeezing the trigger, a ray of green light zapped the tiny figures on the table. Unfortunately, instead of restoring their heights, the trio let out a shrill squeak as they shrunk suddenly, finding themselves plummeting down and dropping and falling out of the barely-there methods they were using to cover their bodies. Now even those dwarfed them, as they disappeared from view.

Zahir nearly toppled over the ray as he flipped it off. "Oh... oh no! The polarity was reversed!"

He reached over to pick up the scrap of cloth Sharis had disappeared under, only to see the tiniest of lumps squirm underneath it. One by one, the tiny girls struggled up and out of their clothing, less than an inch tall. Blinking at each other, then up, they slowly realized what had happened. Kat squeaked in rage, squealing profanity (almost) inaudibly up at the enormous face while making obscene gestures with her hands. Taylai, folding her hands below her navel, let out the tiniest of cries as she writhed underneath the massive stare above her. Sharis, blushing furiously, could only meekly look down at herself, her face red as she looked back up with a bashful, embarrassed grin.

Meanwhile, Zahir had fetched his magnifying glass from the drawer, only to be greeted with the fascinating sight of his three very tiny and very naked friends and girlfriend. At least, he thought to himself, they were still proportionate.


"Well... uh, I guess Alchemy and Engineering really don't mix, huh?" The giant Draenei mumbled bashfully as his face flushed with embarrassment.

Story by BlueKitsuno
Artwork by Celestin

High resolution (3210x4961)

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