Short to Shrunk

"I'm so tired of people treating me like crap just because I'm shorter than most people!"

Emily huffed as she entered her empty apartment. She'd had a bad day, where once again her co-workers treated her like she didn't know what she was doing. The cute little Mexican girl kicked off her heels, reverting her height back to her natural 4'10". She walked over to the kitchen and set her mail down... before finding a smooth stone with an inscription set on it.

"What is this?" Emily asked herself as she picked the stone up and read the inscription. "Behold the wishing stone. Make a single wish and it shall be granted." Emily was skeptical, but something was nagging at her in the back of her mind. Why not try it?

"I wish that I wasn't 4'10," She said, before feeling strange. If only she had been more specific! Her world soon started to get bigger and she began to freak out. Her clothes were getting bigger and baggier on her as her height diminished. Shorter and shorter she shrank, until she stopped at the size of a doll.

"Oh no, I messed up!" Emily sobbed. Naked and feeling exposed, Emily remembered that she had some old dolls (and their clothes) from her cousin tucked under her bed. Emily made her way to her room, found the hidden doll clothes, and put them on. She was outright disgusted by how uncomfortable they were.

Realizing that the wishing stone couldn't be used again, Emily sat down and tried to figure out a plan on how to get back to normal...

Story by Star-child
Artwork by Altercomics-Andrestronik

High resolution (3300x5006)

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