Shopping in the Kid Section

Shirley was starting a new career as a make-up artist in the movie industry. Her latest (and supposedly biggest) project to date was a weird story about fairies, which meant she had a lot of pointy ears jobs and sparkling moles to do.

The weirdest part was that all of her hard work was rendered almost invisible on the screen. All of the actors she worked on were barely background extras and usually meant to be so small that the audience would barely notice them on the biggest of screens.

She was about to take a few weeks off and have herself a vacation when she started to feel dizzy. Fortunately, she was done with her work and she could afford to take a few days off before leaving for her home town.

That was Friday.

When she woke up on Saturday morning, she was almost a foot and a half shorter. Barely able to fill any of her clothing, she immediately went to the store. Now, some might think to criticize her for not going to a doctor first, but Shirley was way too embarrassed and self-conscious about the possibility of being half-naked in a handsome's doctor's office. She needed to be presentable before tackling this health crisis!

Getting off of the bus and entering her favorite store, Shirley was met with the horrifying realization that the only outfits left in her size were in the kid's section. Resigned to her fate, she grabbed a Pokémon t-shirt and a pink pair of jeans.

She was still trying to pull up her new pants (which were very tight around the hips) when she discovered that they were getting bigger and bigger. Before she could do anything, her new ensemble was now just as baggy as her original wardrobe had been.

Will she have to go shopping in the toy section?

Story by Tfancred
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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