She Got Caught in the Wrong Web

Sadira the great spy was mysteriously shrunk down by one of her latest finds, a rare ruby said to give the holder a new perspective when you gaze through it with natural light. After reflecting the light of the sun through her cave to her throne, she was blasted by a strange beam that came from the gem. First, her stockings and heels fell to the ground. and then her hairpiece and top began to grow around her to the point that she was momentarily trapped in her top. She was able to find the normally short sleeve and crawl out onto the arm of the throne and look around. Being so mesmerized by the now very large stone, she failed to notice just how close she was to the edge and fell into the web, sticking herself in place. Panicking she began to fight to get free only to feel the spider slowly crawling towards her. Her only hope for survival was one of her spies or even the random enemy to come through.

Story by Silverwolf76
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6263)

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