Sexy Shrinking Sexy Time

Doreen and Megan were roommates.

One day, Megan brought her boyfriend back to their dorm for some sex. She figured that Doreen would be asleep.

Which she was. At first.

Doreen awoke to the sight of the two lovers making out on the floor. A sight which got Doreen really horny. She started to touch herself... and shrink.

Megan heard Doreen's lusty moans and invited her to join them. Doreen, now just half her size, started to ride John's cock. It was already almost too huge for her at that point, but she couldn't stop herself. Megan, who was also shrinking now, started touching herself and Doreen.

Doreen, eventually reaching the same height as John's cock, rubbed against it while a (now 2 feet tall) Megan gave John oral. Both girls continued to dwindle, but Doreen shrank especially fast. Soon, she was so small that she disappeared into John's pubes.

Why were either of these ladies shrinking and just how small would they get before the night was through?

Story by Raso
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (2509x4512)

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