Seductive Prototype Test

After the final victory over the enemy forces, the commander gets a webcam call from Lieutenant Eva McKenna.

"Hello, commander. Congratulations on the final victory. I had a little accident with the shrink beam of our new mini-drone prototype. Could you please come over and help me?"

"Ah, commander. I see your little problem. Let me take care of this, and then we can meet up."

"Special Agent Tanya, what are you doing here?"

"I heard that you borrowed the new mini-drone prototype, so I had to check what you needed it for. Now... come here."

"No! Stay away from me." As Tanya tried to grab the shrunken Eva, Eva ran to the control unit of the mini-drone and activated the shrink beam. Instead of easily lifting Eva up, Tanya finds herself getting smaller and smaller (and putting herself further and further away from her prey). Tanya tried to reach Eva as quickly as possible so that she could stop Eva from shrinking her even smaller. It was too late. The damage had been done, and she was left slightly smaller than Eva by a wee bit. The two women began to argue.

"What is all this? You shrink and lay yourself naked on your desk just to get a date with the commander? Haha, that is so pathetic!"

"What? No! What makes you think that? It was an accident!"

"Lieutenant Eva, I've done enough interrogations to know when someone's lying... and you are. Badly."

"No I'm not! Besides, what about you? Do you think the commander would go out with you? Unless you threatened him with a gun... no way!"

"That's enough! I'll show you how we solve these things on the battlefield." Wit those words spoken, Tanya leapt for Eva, and the two women started fighting. After some time, Tanya gained the upper hand thanks to both her greater size and advanced fighting skills. She sat on Eva's stomach, holding the Lieutenant's hands down in a submission hold

"Now tell me how to make this thing turn me normal-sized again!"

"There is no way! This drone just has a shrink beam. It can't enlarge you."

"What?!" Tanya gaped. "Are you kidding me!? So how are we going to get normal-sized again?"

"We just have to wait until the effect wears off. Unfortunately, it is an experimental prototype. Nobody knows how long it will take."

"Damn you! How could you do this to me?"

"You left me no choice. Now get off of me!"

"I will let go if you admit that you shrunk yourself on purpose to get the commander's attention."

"Never! Now get off me or you'll regret it!"

"I will regret it? I'd like to see that! You can't free yourself from my grip. Even if you could, my fighting abilities are far more advanced than yours."

"As you wish. MD alpha! Attack last target!" Yet another thing that Tanya didn't know about the mini-drone was that it could also be operated by voice command. Luckily for Eva, she had already configured this feature.

"What--No!" The mini-drone fired another shrink beam at Tanya, causing her to shrink even further until she was down to half her former size.

Now Eva could easily get out of her grip. Tanya struggled, but eventually had to realize that even with her fighting skills she couldn't fight against an opponent twice her size. Eva wanted to be sure that Tanya wasn't in reach of the remote control, so she pulled the little woman up by her hand, heading away from the device and toward the middle of the desk. Giving a kick to the backs of Tanya's legs caused her to stumble and fall.

Tanya sat herself up and just looked at Eva. She was overwhelmed by the situation. Helplessness was a feeling she had never experienced before. Eva got in front of the webcam and started to talk to it, trying to contact the commander.

"So, commander, now that I've handled this little agent... what about us? Are you coming over? Should we bring this little aggressor to the laboratory? Perhaps they could use a test subject. Then it'll be just you and me. I need some protection until this wears off, and maybe you'd like to have dinner while we wait? What do you say?"

When the commander's response came, Tanya could only stammer in disbelief: "No... commander... you wouldn't do that... r-right?"

Story by Peterbendo
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (2579x4000)

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